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prosalikasOur unit was created in 1969 with the vision of becoming a point of reference in the area of elderly people care, and today, more than 40 years later, we strive to maintain the same vision and values that established us as leaders in our field. For us, every resident is unique, and we take every action to ensure that not only our nursing and physiotherapy treatments but also the daily diets and activities are tailored to the needs and wishes of our guests. The high level of services that we offer are maintained through the continuous improvement of our services, staff training and ongoing building renovations to ensure that despite current difficult times, Iaso remains one of the outmost centers for elderly care and rehabilitation in our county.

We hope that through these pages you find all the information you need and we wish to have the pleasure of showing you around our unit in person soon.

With kind regards,
Stelios Prosalikas
General Manager of Iaso

Iaso Brochure

Iaso Brochure

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website: www.iaso-care.gr



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