In the triptych of our restorative program, a major role is being played by our activities program which contributes to the pleasant stay of our residents and strengthens their social and cognitive functions.

At the introduction of each resident at our unit, an assessment of the mental and social capabilities of the person is being made by the head of psychology and activities department with the aim of placing the person in an activities group corresponding to their capabilities and interests.

These activities include watching movies, television, reading as well as participating in piano and singing evenings. In addition our program is supported by an active group of volunteers which operates particularly with people with reduced capabilities (e.g. reading newspapers and books to people with visual impairments). Moreover, we organize celebrations for all major national and religious holidays where relatives and friends are welcome.

Finally, taking advantage of the location of our unit, our mobile and mentally healthy residents, have the option, always in agreement with the family, to carry out outdoor activities like spending certain mornings at the local coffee shops or enjoying walks in the nearby park and more.