Iaso changes!

In an effort to remain faithful to our vision for excellent resident care, Iaso is currently being fully renovated, both indoors and outdoors.

Part of our plans involve the creation of an innovative all-purpose area on the ground floor capable of hosting social events and conferences, a lounge for ground floor residents, a home cinema, as well as an expansion of the existing physiotherapy studio with renewal of all instruments and machinery. In addition, a gradual replacement of equipment and furniture on all floors and rooms is being carried out with the installment of electric beds, intercom systems for improved communication between residents and staff, state of the art televisions and renewal of the interior decoration of the unit.

Finally, a complete renovation of the exterior of the building is further taking place, using timeless materials with the aim of completely remodeling the facade and courtyard of the building. All our actions take always into consideration the safety and tranquility of our residents and are environmentally conscious, in order for Iaso to enter dynamically the next decades of its life!